Aaron Marshall

Special guest

Aaron Marshall (@doubleamuzic) is a musical artist and the founder of Naptown Thrift (@naptownthrift), Indianapolis' #1 source for vintage clothing. Growing up with a passion of music and thrifting, Aaron launched his business in September 2018. After running an appointment-only store out of a storage unit while attending Butler, he has grown the business significantly into a storefront hotspot, and built a reputation as a trustworthy source of vintage clothing of all kinds of brands.

In this interview, Aaron talks about his passion for music, starting his thrift store, important lessons he has learned as a business owner, and navigating the industry by networking and building meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs and customers.

To learn more about Aaron and his business, you can visit naptownthrift.com or visit his store in person at 2174 E. 54th St. in Indianapolis.

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