Ben Barkey

Special guest

Ben Barkey is an education professional and current principal at Madison Elementary in Warsaw Indiana. Before that, he taught Science and Robotics at Edgewood Middle School, served as the STEM instructional coach at Washington STEM Academy (science, technology, engineering, and math), where he acted as lead facilitator in transforming Washington into an Indiana Certified STEM school. He also served the position as assistant principal for the class of 2017 at Warsaw Community High School.

He is the recipient of the 2017 Air Force Association National Teacher of the Year for leading the (STEM) programs in the Warsaw school system. He was also awarded the Charlotte M. Boener Award for Innovative Science Teaching (awarded to Middle School Science Teacher of the Year for Indiana) as well as the Bio-Crossroads Teacher of Champions award.

In this interview, Ben highlights his story as to what brought him to the education, his motivation for teaching and building meaningful relationships within the school system, and his passion for innovating new ideas to make learning more engaging.

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