Ben Gothard

Special guest

Ben Gothard (@bengothardofficial) is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and author. Ben started a social media marketing agency which evolved into Gothard Enterprises, published over 14 books, including "CEO at 20: A Little Book for Big Dreams," built multiple revenue-generating e-commerce businesses, and developed a payment processing company called Quivverpay.

Ben is also the founder & show host of Project Egg: Entrepreneurs Gathering for Growth, where he interviews successful business owners from around the globe, including conversations with Grant Cardone, Patrick Bet David, Pat Flynn, Nicholas Kusmich, Kim Garst, and Ryan Stewman.

In this interview, Ben tells his story, from his childhood to beginning his entrepreneurial journey. He includes a lot of valuable lessons when it comes to forming a business, surrounding yourself with the right team, leading, and forming important networking relationships.

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