Ryan Michler

Special guest

Ryan Michler (@ryanmichler) is the founder of "Order of Man" (@orderofman), a brand and podcast that fosters a movement to reclaim and restore masculinity. Ryan served in the military, then worked as a financial planner, where he first started a podcast to provide financial planning advice to medical professionals. In 2015, Ryan decided to create a radio that guides men to fulfill their potential as leaders, fathers, husbands, brothers, and performance-driven roles in life.

In this interview, Ryan discusses his motivation to create "Order of Man," the essential skills and mindsets gained from the military, growing his brand, achieving work-life balance, "showing up" every day in your life, and using the power of consistency and self-belief to take your talents to the highest level.

You can find Ryan's podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and learn more about his mission at https://www.orderofman.com

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