Episode 92: Greg Meade, Co-Founder and CEO of Crossnet


October 17th, 2019

34 mins 46 secs

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Show Description:
Greg Meade (@lifeofmeade) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Crossnet (@crossnetgame), a game that combines the concept of Four Square and Volleyball. Formed in 2018 with his brother Chris and childhood friend Mike Delpapa, the business has quickly become popular across the country and is on track for $2 million in sales this year. It is currently sold in sporting goods stores, online, and through physical education programs.
In this interview, Greg talks about how the idea formed and the motivations behind creating the game, the biggest challenges to overcome during the entrepreneurial journey, and the lessons he has learned while growing the company.
To learn more about Crossnet, you can visit: https://www.crossnetgame.com/
Show Highlights:
3:30-8:30: Greg talks about the motivations behind creating Crossnet, how to play the game, and how the idea came to life.
8:30-17:00: We ask Greg about the toughest challenges the founders have had to overcome, projections for this coming year, and the long-term goals for the company.
17:00-22:15: Greg talks about the small improvements the company had to make with the initial product, legal aspects, and how they were able to fund their own business.
22:15-28:15: Greg discusses life before Crossnet and the important lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur.
28:15-33:30: We end the show by asking Greg about his final advice to anyone starting a business and why he thinks Crossnet is unique and will be successful.