Episode 101: Jada Love, Blogger and Motivational Speaker


November 28th, 2019

1 hr 13 mins 11 secs

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Jada Love (@couture.finessin / @lovethyself.101) is a blogger, motivational speaker, and founder of Love Thyself 101. Through her writings, Jada brings motivational and inspirational value to people who are doubting themselves or stuck in a job or life that they hate.

In this interview, we talk with Jada about her motivations to quit her job and become her own boss, challenges in starting a blog and YouTube channel, smart networking, taking true time to yourself, surrounding yourself with positivity, and important business lessons that she has learned through her journey.

To read her blog, you can visit: www.lovethyself.art.blog

Show Highlights:

4:45-12:45: Jada gives a quick background on how she transitioned from a job she hated to creating her own personal blog. She describes the process of quitting her job, and how her childhood influenced her decision making today.
12:45-21:45: Jada discusses the motivation behind starting her blog, deciding on what topics to write about, and how she loves herself through the tough, entrepreneurial journey.
21:45-31:15: Jada talks about starting her YouTube channel, choosing compelling content, as well as what it means to know your personal worth.
31:15-41:30: Jada talks about launching her clothing line, providing true value, and how she conveys that value as she markets the clothing.
41:30-49:15: Jada gets into the networking aspect of her business, how to create genuine relationships, and the importance of following up.
49:15-56:15: Jada defines what "Me Time" means and how it is important for everyone to use this for great mental health.
56:15-1:04:45: Jada explains how surrounding herself with positivity helps her get into her writing zone, and how you can do the same.
1:04:45-1:11:45: We end the show by asking Jada the top lessons she has learned through failure in life and business, as well as how she wants people to remember her when it is all said and done.