Episode 153: Process Improvement, Key Investment Sectors for 2021, Matthew McConaughey, and Bob Iger


January 19th, 2021

1 hr 7 mins 18 secs

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Show Description:

In today's episode, we provide updates on our businesses and the key process improvements we are making, especially in time management. For Stock Talk, Slager explains his decision to invest in Bitcoin and Tim provides some key stocks to invest in for 5G, Healthcare, and Energy. We end the show in Book Talk by studying the autobiographies of Bob Iger and Matthew McConaughey.

Show Highlights:

3:00-11:00: We open the show talking about the different types of music we listen to in each situation, Morgan Wallen's new album, and Slager's first writing gig.
11:00-29:00: We discuss our key business updates, process improvements, and Tim shares how he is better managing his time throughout the day.
29:00-43:00: In Stock Talk, Slager explains why he invested in Bitcoin and another technology company. Tim explains how and why he is "buying the rumors and selling the news," and he provides some key 5G, Healthcare, and Energy plays for 2021.
43:00-56:30: In Real Life Experience, Tim discusses his journey with the Whole 30 experimental meal plan, while Slager highlights one of his biggest accomplishments at the Cross-fit gym so far.
56:30-1:06:00: In today's Book Talk, Tm analyzes a section from Bob Iger's Autobiography "The Ride of a Lifetime" on innovation, and Slager discusses a poem from Matthew McConaughey's book "Green Lights."