Episode 148: Dr. Christopher Owens


October 30th, 2020

1 hr 27 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

Show Description:

Dr. Christopher Owens is a Chiropractor, Marine Veteran, Owner of Premiere Performance Method, and Founding Affiliate of Simplinano. He served in the Marine Corps Infantry from 2003-2011, studied to be a Chiropractor from 2015-2018, and founded his business to help provide meaningful care to others.

In this interview, Dr. Owens explains his motivation to join the military, the key lessons he learned for his personal life and business, his passion to become a chiropractor and business owner, and the important information he learned along the way.

Show Highlights:

3:15-12:15: Dr. Owens gives provides his background, how and why he joined the military, his motivation to become a chiropractor, and his involvement as a founding affiliate with Simplinano.
12:15-33:00: Dr. Owens describes the key lessons he learned from the military and how it has helped him in his personal life and business. He talks about his leadership style and how it evolved as he served in the Marine Corps.
33:00-44:45: Dr. Owens discusses how he stays involved through his Marine Corps counseling committee, educating the youth, and advice he would give to someone who is considering joining the military.
44:45-48:15: We ask Dr. Owens the most important values he has learned about himself while serving in the military.
48:15-1:14:45: Dr. Owens talks about his motivation to start his chiropractic business (Premiere Performance Method), how he is positioning himself to provide better care within the industry, and how he got the business running after being laid off.
1:14:45: Dr. Owens discusses his future goals, what's next, and how he wants to be remembered when it is all said and done.