Episode 156: New Writing Ventures, Disruptive Technology Stock Market Plays, Our Ideal Companies, and Why Journaling is Crucial


February 22nd, 2021

1 hr 6 mins 6 secs

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Show Description:

In today's episode, we discuss our new writing ventures, why we invested in Palantir and the ARK Innovation ETF, and our ideal companies we would lead. We also uncover the importance of journaling and how it can improve other areas of life. As we finished our respective books by Matthew McConaughey and Bob Iger, so we highlight our biggest takeaways from each.

Show Highlights:

3:30-21:45: We talk about our upcoming trips, new writing ventures, and Slager discusses his shadowing at the gym.
21:45-36:30: In today's stock talk, Slager discusses why he invested into Palantir and Tim provides insight on one of the best disruptive technology ETFs.
36:30-53:00: In real life experience, Tim uncovers what he needs to do to improve his business and what his full-scale company would look like. Slager talks about the importance of journaling, how it is impacting other areas of his life, and why he is starting vlog content for Simplinano.
53:00-1:03:30: For today's book talk, we each finished our books and we highlight our biggest takeaways. Slager recaps his favorite poems from Matthew McConaughey's "Green Lights" and Tim talks about how you can improve someone else's morale, analyzing Bob Iger's "Ride of a Lifetime."