Episode 157: Dr. Rachel Day, Board-Certified Dermatologist | Founder & CEO of OneSkin Dermatology


March 18th, 2021

1 hr 19 mins 28 secs

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Show Description:

Rachel Day (@lovemyoneskin) is a board-certified Dermatologist and Founder & CEO of OneSkin Dermatology, a skin, health, and wellness practice based in Chambersburg, PA. In this episode, Rachel uncovers the process of leaving a stable job to start her own practice, why her business is redefining patient interaction and solving systematic healthcare health care issues, and the key life lessons she has learned along the way.

You can learn more about Rachel and her business at [oneskindermatology.com](oneskindermatology.com)

Show Highlights:

3:30-11:30: Rachel talks about how she found the path of Dermatology, her background, and why she left her stable job within the healthcare system to start her own practice.
11:30-26:30: Rachel discusses the mission and core values of her business, what it means to create a healthy lifestyle ecosystem, and how OneSkin Dermatology is solving problems within the health insurance landscape.
26:30-38:30: We ask Rachel what the process was like starting her business, building her team, overcoming obstacles, and her transition away from her first job.
38:30-49:30: Rachel explains how her business is redefining the patient interaction, how her practice separates itself from others, and how she promotes a work environment of process improvement and growth.
49:30-1:09:30: We ask Rachel when she knows it is time to scale her business, the processes she uses to grow her company, and what her next pivots will be.
1:09:30-1:18:30: Rachel highlights how Sara Blakely has influenced her career, what it means to take action on your ideas, and how she wants to be remembered when it is all said and done.