Episode 158: Michelle Seiler Tucker, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor


March 25th, 2021

1 hr 14 mins 21 secs

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Show Description:

Michelle Seiler Tucker (@michelleseilertucker) is a Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor, holds a Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI) title, Author of "Exit Rich" and "Sell Your Business for More Than It's Worth," and Founder & CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, she has bought and sold over 1500 businesses, achieved a 98% close rate on all written offers and, on average, obtains 20-40% (even up to 60%) above asking price for her clients, and manages a network of 28,000 buyers.

In this interview, Michelle discusses her upcoming book "Exit Rich," how business owners can increase the value of their company, and the key lessons she has learned in the Mergers & Acquisitions industry.

To learn more about Michelle, you can text "Michelle" to 888-526-5750 or visit the following locations:

"Exit Rich" Book: https://exitrichbook.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelleseiler/
Company Website: https://seilertucker.com/

Exit Rich comes out in June, exitrichbook.com, $24.79, email digital download so you can read it today, send hard cover to doorstep, plus lifetime membership into exit rich book club, more video content, go over techniques and strategies, plus documents to run company, sell company, organizational charts, non-competes, due diligence checklists, employee handbooks, 30 days free membership, club CEOs (mastermind of entrepreneurs)

Show Highlights:

4:15-10:15: Michelle discusses her background in mergers & acquisitions, what her first business was, and why she exited Corporate America.
10:15-22:45: Michelle explains how business owners can raise the worth of their company, what mistakes to avoid, and what it means to innovate.
22:45-33:00: Michelle highlights her "GPS Exit Model," and how it helps business owners build and optimize their company infrastructure. Michelle also describes the 5 types of business buyers and how her company facilitates this process.
33:00-53:45: Michelle dives into the "6 P's" business owners must understand to create a business that people would buy in the future.
53:45-1:05:45: Michelle explains what limits business owners from giving up control and what they can do to overcome this.
1:05:45-1:09:15: Michelle gives an overview of her new book "Exit Rich," how it can help business owners elevate their company, and her motivation to create the project.
1:09:15-1:14:15: Michelle gives her final advice and how she wants to be remembered.