Episode 159: How to Answer the "Why Should I Hire You" Question | Creative Content Distribution Ideas | Winning Someone Over Within the First 2 Minutes of Meeting Them


June 11th, 2021

59 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Show Description:

In today's episode, we provide key business updates with the resume writing and lifestyle coaching. We discuss why we invested in Cardano and Safemoon cryptocurrencies. Lastly, we dive into how to answer the "Why Should I Hire You" question, how to distribute content in creative ways, and the importance of smart networking.

Show Highlights:

4:00-26:00: We provide our key business updates with the resume writing and lifestyle coaching business. Tim talks about what types of positions he would hire for his business first, and Slager discusses how he would coach someone to lose weight.
26:00-37:30: Out stock talk turns to crypto talk, as we both discuss which cryptocurrencies we have invested in. Tim discusses why Cardano has been his move, and Slager discusses Safemoon.
37:00-42:00: Tim explains the best way to answer the "Why Should I Hire You?" interview question.
42:00-46:15: Slager talks about why networking with like-minded people will elevate you to your goals.
46:15-49:00: Slager highlights how he is distributing content in unique ways by discussing a section of Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush It."
49:00-59:00: Tim provides tips on how to win someone over within the first 2 minutes of meeting them, analyzing a section of Harry Beckwith's "You Inc."