Episode 151: Virgin Galactic, Boeing, and the Power of a Smile


December 14th, 2020

58 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

Show Description:

In today’s episode, we start the show with our fun conversation, covering topics from questioning if LeBron James was on steroids to Thanksgiving time spent with family. After a little bit of catching up, we get into our current investments. Virgin Galactic has been going up and has a flight launch scheduled this month, and Tim continues his crypto journey as well as looking into Boeing. We briefly discuss international travel in particular with the new COVID vaccine. 

For our Real Life Experience (RLE) section, Tim covers his new solo entrepreneur business after quitting his job, and Slager brings up the 5 stages of the Emotional Cycles of Change. 

Finishing with Book Talk, Tim talks about the power of smiling (‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’), whether it’s in person or over the phone. And Slager covers the importance of reading teachings from ‘The Bible’ and how they can relate to everyday life. 

Show Highlights:

1:45-25:15: We start the episode out with some fun conversation, like whether LeBron James was on steroids in Miami or not, Tim talks about being 100% self-sufficient with resume writing and leaving his job, Thanksgiving, and Colin discusses coaching CrossFit and how someone new should approach CrossFit

25:15-34:00: Investment talk: Colin talks about Virgin Galactic, and Tim brings up his positions in Bitcoin and Boeing. Tim twists the knife that Duke lost at home, while Indianapolis may host NCAA tournament games

34:00-40:05: Slager talks about his plans for going on trips next year, and we talk about the new COVID vaccine

40:05-50:30: Real Life Experiences (RLE). Tim discusses his entrepreneurial venture of resume writing and executive coaching, Colin brings up the Emotional Cycles of Change

50:30-57:15: Book Talk: Tim talks about the power of smiling from ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, and Colin brings up lessons from reading ‘The Bible’