Episode 150: Kiel Holman, Strength Coach, Owner of Beyond Strength & Endurance


November 20th, 2020

52 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

Show Description:

Kiel Holman (@kpholman19) is a strength coach and the owner of Beyond Strength & Endurance. In this interview, Kiel talks about his fitness journey, the ins and outs of strength coaching, and CrossFit's impact on his business.

You can learn more about Kiel and his business at beyondstrengthendurance.com.

Show Highlights:

2:30-10:30: Kiel talks about his background, how he first got introduced into strength training and coaching, and the most significant lessons he learned at the beginning of his career.
10:30-21:00: Kiel discusses the concept of threshold training, pushing athletes to the extra mile, and the difference between a good and bad strength coach.
21:00-34:00: Kiel dives into continued education, his introduction into CrossFit, and how it has pushed him to become a better athlete.
34:00-50:00: Kiel explains the mission behind his business (Beyond Strength & Endurance), how he markets his brand, and his process for writing/developing his workout plans.
50:00: We end the show by asking Kiel how he wants to be remembered.