Episode 103: Jason Pardue, Founder of Coastland Apparel


December 5th, 2019

57 mins 7 secs

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Show Description:

Jason Pardue is the Founder and Co-Owner of Coastland Apparel (@coastlandapparel), a quality driven and outdoor focused apparel company from Lexington, North Carolina. Jason started his career in law enforcement and then transitioned into selling real estate and running his company, which he started in 2018.

In this interview, Jason describes his motivation to start his company, the struggles and challenges of running an apparel business in a competitive industry, creating and fostering key relationships, and the important lessons he has learned through his journey in law enforcement, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

To find out more about Coastland and its diverse collection of products, you can visit: coastlandapparel.com

Show Highlights:

4:15-11:45: Jason gets into his background, how he formed his Coastland Apparel business, and the biggest obstacles to overcome from the beginning.
11:45-24:45: Jason talks about the biggest pivots he had to make in his business and marketing plan, and he lays out his goals for the year 2020.
24:45-41:15: Jason shares what the day to day operations look like when running an apparel business, how he creates meaningful relationships for brand ambassador marketing, and his deeper mission for giving back to the community through his business.
41:15-48:15: Jason talks about what motivated him to transition from law enforcement to become an entrepreneur, the key skills he gained from selling real estate, and how it allowed him to be successful going forward.
48:15-51:45: Jason discusses his life goals after business and his favorite outdoor activity.
51:45-56:15: To end the show, Jason gives his final advice for people who are stuck in life, and how he wants people to remember his legacy.