Episode 172: Nick Carter, Co-Founder and CEO of Market Wagon


December 23rd, 2021

1 hr 14 mins 54 secs

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Show Description:

Nick Carter is the Co-Founder and CEO of Market Wagon, an online marketplace that connects food consumers directly with local farmers and artisans. Nick started his first business at the age of 16. In the two decades since then, he has founded or co-founded over half-a-dozen companies in technology and food sectors. He’s a fourth-generation Indiana farmer passionate about using innovation to re-connect “Agri” and “Culture." Nick is also the author of “More than a Mile: What America Needs from Local Food," as well as the host of his podcast "More Than a Mile."

In this interview, Nick talks about the concept behind his business, as well as the alternative solution it provides for farmers and consumers. Nick also dives into the leadership lessons he has learned along the way.

To learn more about Nick and his business, you can visit the website at marketwagon.com

Show Highlights:

4:30-12:00: Nick talks about his background, the mission behind his business, and what growing up on a farm taught him about being an entrepreneur.
12:00-21:00: As a serial entrepreneur, Nick discusses the key lessons he learned from his previous endeavors, how he taught himself software engineering, and how he poured that into eCommerce.
21:00-30:00: Nick explains Market Wagon's solution for the "farm-to-grocery" process, how he is building a network of farmers and online vendors, and his company's marketing strategy.
30:00-41:00: We ask Nick about the scaling process, the key leaders he partnered with, and what it was like to write the technology behind Market Wagon.
41:00-54:30: Nick dives into the biggest hurdles when starting Market Wagon, his thoughts on alternative ways to farm, keeping incentives high for farmers, and regenerative agriculture.
54:30-1:01:30: Nick talks about how the farmer is the mediator between you and the food, and how Market Wagon is strengthening that bond.
1:01:30-1:14:30: Nick talks about his motivation to write his book and how he wants to be remembered.