Episode 173: Art Locke, Investor, CPA, and Founder of Locke Advisory Services


December 31st, 2021

1 hr 4 mins 20 secs

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Show Description:

Art Locke (@financegolfer) is an investor, CPA, and Founder of Locke Advisory Services, a firm dedicated to wealth management, financial planning, and tax strategy. Previously, Art served in an executive capacity for 5 publicly-traded companies, including Chief Financial Officer of 3. In 2006, Art was a top-five finalist for the 2006 Greater Washington Technology Council Public Company CFO of the Year. He also served in an advisory capacity to several private companies and their owners. He started his career working for 2 of the world's largest CPA firms. Art received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from American University with a double major in accounting and computer systems.

In this interview, Art describes the process of leaving corporate life to start his own business. He also provides meaningful financial advice for professionals of all ages. To learn more about Art, you can visit his website at lockeadvisoryservices.com

Show Highlights:

4:45-12:45: Art goes into his background, his motivation to leave the corporate world, and the process of getting his business formed.
12:45-19:25: Art highlights the key lessons learned from serving as an executive for five companies, what it's like running a business as a sole proprietor, and the types of clients he serves.
19:25-26:45: Art provides financial advice for young professionals fresh out of college.
26:45-38:00: We ask Art's opinion on Cryptocurrency and the future outlook of the U.S. dollar.
38:00-47:15: Art talks about the impact of the internet on financial education and what he does to keep himself knowledgeable about current financial trends.
47:15-56:45: Art discusses money's impact on relationships and how to pick a quality financial advisor.
56:45-1:04:45: Art reflects on life lessons from golf, and he shares his thoughts on how he wants to be remembered.