Episode 174: Sarah Wells, Brand Strategist, Designer, and Owner of Swell Design


January 6th, 2022

53 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

Show Description:

Sarah Wells is a designer, brand strategist, and owner of Swell Design (@swell.design.co), a company that provides high-quality, strategic design, and branding for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In this interview, Sarah describes the process of leaving corporate life to start her business, key lessons she has learned along the way, and how she elevates brands in a meaningful way.

To learn more about Sarah, you can visit her website at [swelldesign.co](swelldesign.co)

Show Highlights:

4:00-10:30: Sarah talks about how she landed on the path of studio design and computer graphics, her transition from corporate life to running her own business, and how she initially obtained clients.
10:30-17:00: As a designer and brand strategist, Sarah talks about how she figured out her ideal service offerings, measuring growth with customers, and the questions she asks to help business owners build a brand story.
17:00-22:00: Sarah explains the range of clients she works and how she creates relationships with clients in new industries.
22:00-33:00: Sarah describes the process of scaling her business, how she increases the value of her brand, and other things that differentiate her work from others.
33:00-41:30: We ask Sarah about the obstacles she has had to overcome as an entrepreneur, as well as other software she uses to make her life easier.
41:30-51:30: Sarah highlights how being an entrepreneur has made her a better person and what she does to expand her knowledge.
51:30: We end the show asking Sarah how she would like to be remembered.