Episode 54: Carol Slager, Owner of Inkwell Healthy Lifestyles


May 23rd, 2019

1 hr 25 mins 26 secs

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Show Description:

Carol Slager is a Health Coach, Author, and Owner of Inkwell Healthy Lifestyles, dedicated to help people map out the path needed to reach optimal health and wellness, especially in the areas of Balance Body & Mind, Healthy Daily Life, Eating Well, and Physical Activity. In addition to publishing her book "Cookies N Milk, Pizza No Cheese: An Ice Ceram Lover's Guide to Raising Children with Dairy Allergies," she also writes for her blog weekly and creates articles for local health publications.

After spending 25 years working behind the counter for a pharmacy, she realized that there was a better way to improve health apart from a prescription drug. In this interview, Carol tells her story of transitioning out of a stable work environment and into her own venture of coaching people individually to live healthier lives and reach their highest self. She explains how eating healthy is a sum of small, deliberate choices that add up to a longer, worthwhile life.

To learn more, go to inkwellcoaching.com

Show Highlights:

3:45-15:15: Carol talks about her childhood, being raised to make healthy choices with food, and how to translate food traditions into healthy and sustainable decisions today.
15:15-25:45: Carol talks about her motivations to get her pharmacy degree and work in pharmacy retail, her experiences while working in this environment, and how her interactions with customers were pushing her toward a higher calling for her life work.
25:45-39:15: Carol describes the challenges of leaving a stable work environment to start your own venture, what the moment looked like when she left CVS, and the most important things she learned when going through this process.
39:15-54:15: We ask Carol what strategies and practices to put in place when you are looking for a better job or work situation, while stuck in your current job, and how to translate your interests into creating a life build on your passions.
54:15-1:14:45: Carol highlights the goals and vision for her business, what she does to improve the health and lives for her clients, and the process of publishing her book and writing articles in magazines. She describes the conversations she has with clients and the importance of making the small changes that have a greater impact.
1:14:45-1:23:45: Carol ends the show by explaining how to help clients overcome emotional hurdles, the steps to take when striving for the highest version of yourself, and finding the small joys in your day.