Episode 189: Virtual Rehab Coaching, The Importance of Fueling Energy Systems, How to Answer the "Tell Us About Yourself" Question in an Interview


August 5th, 2022

1 hr 10 mins 32 secs

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Show Description:

In today's episode, Tim outlines a solid strategy in answering the "tell us about yourself" question in an interview, while Slager educates the audience on fueling energy systems and the proper meal before a long sporting event. For book talk, Tim reflects on the three central values to life from Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People," and Slager talks about Fr. Mike Schmitz's "How to Make Great Decisions" and what it means to maximize the present moment.

Show Notes:

2:30-20:30: We begin the show talking about improv in movies, what it was like transitioning out of our companies, and how to leave a job professionally.
20:30-28:00: Tim provides a business update on how he's integrating career coaching into his service offering, which leads into a discussion on how to value yourself.
28:00-34:00: Slager explains the new package and service offerings for his nutrition and rehab business, including a successful virtual rehab session that resulted in a squat PR.
34:00-44:00: Tim discusses how to answer the "tell us about yourself" question in an interview and how to add personality and authenticity to your answer.
44:00-59:30: Slager educates on the importance of fueling energy systems. He also advises on the perfect meal before an 18-hole round of golf.
59:30-1:06:30: Tim analyzes a section of Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by discussing the 3 central values to life and how you can prioritize them for long-term success.
1:06:30: Slager ends the show by recapping Fr. Mike Schmitz's "How to Make Great Decisions," involving leveraging the past and present to visualize your calling.