Episode 188: Jose Azambuja, Founder and CEO of NovaLife Nutriments


August 2nd, 2022

57 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

Show Description:

Jose Azambuja (@joseloui) is the Founder and CEO of NovaLife Nutriments, a company that helps companies and influencers launch products into the market. By acting as a trusted logistics partner, his company helps create the next generation of brands. NovaLife Nutriments also has a direct-to-consumer segment of clean plant-based protein with no added sugar.

In this episode, Jose discusses how he launched his business as a college student, scaled a company, and successfully obtained funding. He also dives into key lessons learned in business, including leadership and partnership building.

You can learn more about Jose through his website or Tik Tok page.

Show Highlights:

4:00-12:00: Jose discusses his background, how he arrived at where he is today, and where he developed his entrepreneurial fire. Not only does he describe the mission of his business, but he also explains how he started the company while in school.
12:00-18:30: Jose reflects on the first product his business sold, how he learned to operate a business, and how his company serves as a logistics partner for companies who want to launch a brand.
18:30-25:00: Jose explains the benefits of Tik Tok and how brands can leverage it to build a community and launch a sustainable business.
25:00-38:00: We ask Jose about the process of getting funding, the biggest thing he learned in the process, and the key qualities he looks for in a business partner.
38:00-43:00: Jose discusses the sustainability of influencer marketing, how his company is helping other people launch their brands as a logistics partner, and what successful brands do differently.
43:00-48:00: Jose reflects on what he's learned about himself as a leader and how entrepreneurship has positively impacted other areas of his life.
48:00: We ask Jose how he wants to be remembered and his goals for his own podcast.