Episode 187: 3 Questions to Ask Before a Career Change, Building a Healthy Relationship with Food, and How to Not Let a Bad Mood Fool You


June 7th, 2022

1 hr 21 secs

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Show Description:

In today's episode, we recap our highlights from the month of May and a couple of key process improvements we are incorporating into our businesses. For career tips, Tim highlights 3 things to evaluate when deciding the next step of your career. Slager talks about improving your relationship with food and striking a healthy balance on cheat days.

Show Highlights:

2:25-22:25: We go through our highlight from the month of May. Slager recaps his fitness events and trips he took, while Tim talks about his outdoor workouts and the creation of his new golf Instagram account.
22:25-28:10: Slager provides an update on how he is better organizing his fitness and nutrition business. He also discusses a new programming initiative he is implementing.
28:10-36:25: Tim's business update involves a new free value-add he is providing for his clients, including his quest for securing a public speaking engagement.
36:25-41:55: Slager highlights the importance of having a healthy food relationship, treating food right, and utilizing cheat days.
41:55-47:55: Tim offers 3 things to evaluate when you are not sure on the next step of your career, and how these things can guide your personal branding and job search
47:55-54:55: Slager started the book "Man Uncivilized," which describes the mindset of men, how they operate, and how to properly talk through emotions.
54:55-59:25: Tim analyzes Travis Bradberry's "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" and explains how to not be fooled by a bad mood.