Episode 26: Marquese Martin-Hayes


February 14th, 2019

1 hr 36 mins 17 secs

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Show Description:

Marquese Martin-Hayes (@the.dj.marquavelli) is a DJ, QP Manager at Direct Connect Logistix, and a graduate of Butler University, where he also played football for the Bulldogs. Marquese is a seeker of knowledge and an avid fan of books, which fuels his inspiration while he runs the @perspectivewords account on Instagram with his partner, Roger. One of Marquese's recent eye-opening experiences occurred when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

In the interview, Marquese explains how some key moments in his life motivated him to invest further in himself and develop his perspective on life and its opportunities. He explains his current journey to master the art of DJ'ing, learn Spanish, and improve his communication style and develop a higher level of emotional intelligence.

Show Notes:
4:10-12:40: Marquese gives his background, including where he grew up, high school life, key mentors, and why he ultimately chose to attend school and play football at Butler University
12:40-17:40: Marquese highlights his professional experience, and he explains why he loves sales and how he has been able to thrive and improve his communication style
17:40-28:40: We discuss the art of communication, and changing your style depending on the type of person you are speaking with. We relate this to comedy and the small subtleties that we see in Seinfeld and other comedians.
28:40-44:40: Marquese talks about the moment in his life that motivated him to seek more knowledge in books, and how that fueled his passion to start DJ'ing. He talks about the important life lessons that he puts into practice through the knowledge that he gains from authors such as Napoleon Hill. He speaks on the happiness that DJ'ing brings him, the grind and mentors he has learned from during the process the opportunities he has had thus far, and his goals for the future.
44:40-52:40: Marquese explains the "why" behind him and his partner Roger's self-help Instagram account (@perspectivewords), and the challenge that it gives the audience in the areas of growth and development
52:40-1:00:50: We ask Marquese what the biggest things he was changed his perspective on since college, how he has been able to grow stronger mentally and developmentally in a tough world with social media, and what it truly means to "be the example"
1:04:40-1:26:10: Marquese gives us a glimpse into his unique experience in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. He goes into detail about what he learned on that trek in fighting his demons, and how he has applied that to his work ethic and journey to reaching his professional and overall goals.
1:26:10: Marquese his final advice to you in regards to betting on yourself