Episode 40: Kristof Lewis, Host of The Kristof Lewis Podcast and Navy Veteran


April 4th, 2019

1 hr 22 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

Show Description:

Kristof Lewis (@kristoflewis) is the host of the Kristof Lewis Podcast and Navy Veteran.

In this interview, Kristof explains how his 9-year experience with the United States Navy shaped him mentally into the leader and life changer he is today. His story is truly inspirational, and he shares stories and important lessons he has learned in the areas of time management, self-awareness, and practicing gratitude. We discuss the importance of constantly feeding yourself knowledge, learning from those around you (especially through social media networking), and sharing your experiences with others to inspire.

You can find more about Kristof at KristofLewis.com

Show Highlights:

4:30-9:30: Kristof talks about utilization social media to engage and network with other people in the podcast industry.
9:30-23:45: Kristof gets into his background and childhood, joining the Navy at the age of 22, and begins to describe how the military shaped him into the leader he is today. He speaks on his motivation to learn through podcasts and discusses his favorite takeaways.
23:45-41:00: Kristof gives insights on time management and defining your "non-negotiables" in life. He also discusses the meaning of an optimized morning routine, explaining his processes of meditation and goal setting.
41:00-47:30: We get into the topic of authenticity, and being honest about both your struggles and failures while building a brand and sharing your story on social media.
47:30-1:07:00: Kristof goes into depth about his military experience, the roles he served, and his transition out of the Navy and starting his rejuvenated life back in the United States. He explains how the military formed him mentally to begin the process of creating the life he wanted.
1:07:00-1:16:30: We talk more about the culture change of the military, getting out of your comfort zone, and keeping yourself accountable. Kristof reflects more on the importance of being honest with yourself and practicing gratitude.
1:16:30: Find out what is next for Kristof, as he highlights some personal goals and his visions for his podcast.