Episode 84: Justin Rhedrick, Charlotte's #1 Memory and Mindset Coach


September 12th, 2019

1 hr 4 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Show Description:

Justin Rhedrick (@bitcoinvegan) is a memory and mindset coach from Charlotte, North Carolina. He specializes in areas such as body image, energy/fatigue, sleep, sports performance, stress/anxiety management and relief, weight loss, and vegan and vegetarian food plans.

In this interview, Justin talks about overcoming obstacles in life and turning your difficult situation around by investing in yourself. He discusses the path toward becoming a health coach, how he builds meaningful relationships with his clients, and what you can do to live a healthy life from a mind and body standpoint.

Show Highlights:

2:45-10:45: Justin gets into his background, how he became a health coach, and advice to his 17-year old self.
10:45-17:15: Justin explains the importance of authenticity and building trust with his clients. This goes into a deeper discussion on how he uses his past experience to relate with people going through real struggles.
17:15-27:45: We ask Justin about the biggest change he has seen in himself since he turned his life around after prison, and what he did to make that change.
27:45-44:45: Justin describes how he earned his first health coach client, and he talks about his process of going vegan, including some of his go-to meals and snacks.
44:45-54:45: We have a quick basketball discussion and debate if Indiana or North Carolina is the real hoop state.
54:45-1:03:45: To end the show, Justin gives his final advice to someone who is stuck and looking to make a big life change like he did.