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Are you just stuck? Off The Dome Radio is a podcast designed specifically to give you that extra push in all facets of your life. As hosts who have been stuck, taken leaps of faith, and gambled on themselves, Colin and Tim are two entrepreneurs embarking on their own journeys to find what they were called to do. Through fun conversation and interviews with driven individuals who have decided to pave their own path, this podcast offers various insights into the depths of health and wellness, business strategy and influence, empowerment, mental health and relationship building. With this podcast, the hope is to empower people to find something deep within themselves that helps bring them closer to the happiness and success they want to realize. Off The Dome is on a mission to add value by strengthening the most fundamental areas of our every day lives.

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  • Episode 161: How to Nail Every Interview Answer, 2 Tips for Weight Loss, and Creating More Authentic Content

    Episode  |  July 26th, 2021  |  47 mins 48 secs
    how to lose weight, interview prep, lifestyle coaches near me, nutrition coaches near me, resume writers indianapolis, resume writers near me, weight loss

    In today's episode, we dive into how we are adjusting our marketing strategy through our respective businesses. Slager also highlights a couple of actionable weight loss tips, while Tim provides a clear blueprint on how to nail every interview answer. We end the show talking about some of our favorite books, including how to create more authentic content and influencing people to your point of view.

  • Episode 160: Scott Mautz (Round 2)

    Episode  |  July 1st, 2021  |  1 hr 30 mins
    how to be a great leader, inspirational speaker, leadership tips, public speaking, team building, team leadership

    Scott Mautz is an established business and inspirational speaker who provides global education on leadership and self-leadership, building optimal teams, increasing employee engagement, peak performance, and finding inspiration within the workplace. He is the author of several books, including "Leading from the Middle," "Find the Fire," and "Make it Matter."

    We had Scott on the show for Episode 110, where he explained his motivation to transition from his leadership position at Procter & Gamble to build his keynote speaking business. In this episode, he covers key insights on his new book, "Leading from the Middle."

    You can learn more about Scott Mautz by visiting his website at

  • Episode 159: How to Answer the "Why Should I Hire You" Question | Creative Content Distribution Ideas | Winning Someone Over Within the First 2 Minutes of Meeting Them

    Episode  |  June 11th, 2021  |  59 mins 10 secs

    In today's episode, we provide key business updates with the resume writing and lifestyle coaching. We discuss why we invested in Cardano and Safemoon cryptocurrencies. Lastly, we dive into how to answer the "Why Should I Hire You" question, how to distribute content in creative ways, and the importance of smart networking.

  • Episode 158: Michelle Seiler Tucker, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor

    Episode  |  March 25th, 2021  |  1 hr 14 mins
    business sale help, business sales, exit rich book, exit rich michelle seiler tucker, how to buy a business, how to sell a business, how to sell my business, m&a advisors near me, mergers & acquisitions, michelle seiler tucker

    Michelle Seiler Tucker (@michelleseilertucker) is a Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor, holds a Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI) title, Author of "Exit Rich" and "Sell Your Business for More Than It's Worth," and Founder & CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, she has bought and sold over 1500 businesses, achieved a 98% close rate on all written offers and, on average, obtains 20-40% (even up to 60%) above asking price for her clients, and manages a network of 28,000 buyers.

    In this interview, Michelle discusses her upcoming book "Exit Rich," how business owners can increase the value of their company, and the key lessons she has learned in the Mergers & Acquisitions industry.

    To learn more about Michelle, you can text "Michelle" to 888-526-5750 or visit the following locations:

    "Exit Rich" Book:
    Company Website:

    Exit Rich comes out in June,, $24.79, email digital download so you can read it today, send hard cover to doorstep, plus lifetime membership into exit rich book club, more video content, go over techniques and strategies, plus documents to run company, sell company, organizational charts, non-competes, due diligence checklists, employee handbooks, 30 days free membership, club CEOs (mastermind of entrepreneurs)

  • Episode 157: Dr. Rachel Day, Board-Certified Dermatologist | Founder & CEO of OneSkin Dermatology

    Episode  |  March 18th, 2021  |  1 hr 19 mins
    business owner, dermatologist, dermatologists chambersburg pa, dermatologists in pa, entrepreneur, how to start a practice, pa dermatologists, sara blakely

    Rachel Day (@lovemyoneskin) is a board-certified Dermatologist and Founder & CEO of OneSkin Dermatology, a skin, health, and wellness practice based in Chambersburg, PA. In this episode, Rachel uncovers the process of leaving a stable job to start her own practice, why her business is redefining patient interaction and solving systematic healthcare health care issues, and the key life lessons she has learned along the way.

    You can learn more about Rachel and her business at

  • Episode 156: New Writing Ventures, Disruptive Technology Stock Market Plays, Our Ideal Companies, and Why Journaling is Crucial

    Episode  |  February 22nd, 2021  |  1 hr 6 mins
    ark innovation etf, bob iger, green lights, matthew mcconaughey, nutrition coaching, nutrition coaching near me, palantir stock, resume writers near me, resume writing, resume writing indianapolis, ride of a lifetime, stock market picks

    In today's episode, we discuss our new writing ventures, why we invested in Palantir and the ARK Innovation ETF, and our ideal companies we would lead. We also uncover the importance of journaling and how it can improve other areas of life. As we finished our respective books by Matthew McConaughey and Bob Iger, so we highlight our biggest takeaways from each.

  • Episode 155: Grace Leer

    Episode  |  February 17th, 2021  |  1 hr 36 mins

    Grace Leer (@graceleermusic) is Nashville Country Artist and Singer for The Grace Leer Band. Grace appeared on American Idol in 2020, where she finished Top 10. In this interview, Grace describes her motivations to pursue music, how she is navigating the country music landscape, and the key lessons she has learned through her success and growth.

    You can learn more about Grace and explore her work at

  • Episode 155: Grace Leer

    Episode  |  February 17th, 2021  |  1 hr 36 mins

    Grace Leer (@graceleermusic) is Nashville Country Artist and Singer for The Grace Leer Band. Grace appeared on American Idol in 2020, where she finished Top 10. In this interview, Grace describes her motivations to pursue music, how she is navigating the country music landscape, and the key lessons she has learned through her success and growth.

    You can learn more about Grace and explore her work at

  • Episode 154: CashOutJony

    Episode  |  February 2nd, 2021  |  1 hr 29 mins
    aliens, artist, business, community, entrepreneur, music, musician, network, networking, people, rap, rapper, songwriter, ufo, world tour

    Show Description:

    CashOutJony (@CashOutJony) is a musical artist from Indianapolis who belongs to the Camp Ca$h Record Label. In this interview, CashOutJony discusses the important lessons he has learned while navigating through the music industry, how he has grown his brand, and making the most out of your time on earth.

    You can listen to CashOutJony's music on YouTube and Spotify

    Show Highlights:

    4:00-15:00: CashOutJony talks about his background, what motivated him to pursue music, and how he first expanded his personal brand.

    15:00-27:00: CashOutJony explains what differentiates a skilled musical artist from an average artist, how he evolved his music over time, and how he applies continuous improvement to his craft.

    27:00-33:30: CashOutJony discusses networking in the music industry, the importance of keeping quality people around you, and what makes his brand different.

    33:30-56:00: We dive into the concept of escaping the "9 to 5" to create your own world, harnessing energy in the right ways, and how you can invest in yourself to overcome the system.

    56:00-1:03:00: We talk about the importance of this time period, utilizing technology for benefitting the world, and our thoughts on aliens.

    1:03:00-1:16:30: CashOutJony highlights his overall goals with music, life after his career, and his dream collaborations.

    1:16:30-1:27:00: We end the show by asking CashOutJony about his lyrics and vocals processes, biggest obstacles to overcome in the music industry, and how he wants to be remembered.

  • Episode 153: Process Improvement, Key Investment Sectors for 2021, Matthew McConaughey, and Bob Iger

    Episode  |  January 19th, 2021  |  1 hr 7 mins
    5g, bitcoin, bob iger, cross-fit, freelance writing, healthcare, matthew mcconaughey, morgan wallen, nutrition coaching near me, process improvement, resume writers near me, stocks for 2021, technology, time management tips, whole 30

    In today's episode, we provide updates on our businesses and the key process improvements we are making, especially in time management. For Stock Talk, Slager explains his decision to invest in Bitcoin and Tim provides some key stocks to invest in for 5G, Healthcare, and Energy. We end the show in Book Talk by studying the autobiographies of Bob Iger and Matthew McConaughey.

  • Episode #152: Doug Bertram

    Episode  |  January 7th, 2021  |  1 hr 26 mins
    acupuncture, business owner, chiropractic, dry needling, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, health, health and wellness, massage therapy, physical therapy

    Show Description:

    Doug Bertram is the Founder & CEO of Structural Elements (@structuralelements), an orthopedic wellness clinic that delivers meaningful care through a proprietary treatment and contemporary business model approach. Before founding the company in 2006, Doug worked as a massage therapist focused on treating athletic injuries.

    Show Highlights:

    4:15-15:15: Doug provides his background, what motivated him to go to massage school, and the difference between dry needling and acupuncture.
    15:15-28:15: Doug discusses how Structural Elements was formed, why preventative maintenance drives his business, and why he operates a cash practice.
    28:15-47:15: Doug talks about the biggest obstacles he has faced while running his business, what makes his clinic different, and how he maximizes his time as a CEO of a franchise company.
    47:15-59:00: Doug discusses his creative marketing strategy, how he partners with influencers, and how he leverages technology to improve his company's market positioning.
    59:00-1:21:45: Doug recaps the most important thing he has learned through COVID for his business, how he approaches continued education, and how his company approaches nutrition.
    1:21:45: Doug shares his final thoughts and how he wants to be remembered.

  • Episode 151: Virgin Galactic, Boeing, and the Power of a Smile

    Episode  |  December 14th, 2020  |  58 mins 25 secs
    bitcoin, boeing, boeing stock, executive coaching, how to win friends and influence people, ncaa tournament, resume writers near me, resume writing, virgin galactic stock

    In today’s episode, we start the show with our fun conversation, covering topics from questioning if LeBron James was on steroids to Thanksgiving time spent with family. After a little bit of catching up, we get into our current investments. Virgin Galactic has been going up and has a flight launch scheduled this month, and Tim continues his crypto journey as well as looking into Boeing. We briefly discuss international travel in particular with the new COVID vaccine. 

    For our Real Life Experience (RLE) section, Tim covers his new solo entrepreneur business after quitting his job, and Slager brings up the 5 stages of the Emotional Cycles of Change. 

    Finishing with Book Talk, Tim talks about the power of smiling (‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’), whether it’s in person or over the phone. And Slager covers the importance of reading teachings from ‘The Bible’ and how they can relate to everyday life. 

  • Episode 150: Kiel Holman, Strength Coach, Owner of Beyond Strength & Endurance

    Episode  |  November 20th, 2020  |  52 mins 23 secs
    beyond strength and endurance, cross-fit, hiel holman, strength coach, strength coaching near me

    Kiel Holman (@kpholman19) is a strength coach and the owner of Beyond Strength & Endurance. In this interview, Kiel talks about his fitness journey, the ins and outs of strength coaching, and CrossFit's impact on his business.

    You can learn more about Kiel and his business at

  • Episode 149: Resume and Nutrition Coaching Ventures, Tela Bio and PayPal, Creative Disruption

    Episode  |  November 11th, 2020  |  55 mins 23 secs
    bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, ethereum, how to write a resume, nutrition coaches near me, nutrition coaching, paypal, resume building, tela bio, why nations fail

    In today's episode, we return to the microphones to provide updates on our resume writing and nutritional coaching ventures. For stock talk, we cover companies like Tela Bio and PayPal, including a quick analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

  • Episode 148: Dr. Christopher Owens

    Episode  |  October 30th, 2020  |  1 hr 27 mins
    business owner, cbd, chiropractor, chiropractors in indianapolis, entrepreneurship, marine corps, marine veteran, marines, military, simplinano, veteran

    Dr. Christopher Owens is a Chiropractor, Marine Veteran, Owner of Premiere Performance Method, and Founding Affiliate of Simplinano. He served in the Marine Corps Infantry from 2003-2011, studied to be a Chiropractor from 2015-2018, and founded his business to help provide meaningful care to others.

    In this interview, Dr. Owens explains his motivation to join the military, the key lessons he learned for his personal life and business, his passion to become a chiropractor and business owner, and the important information he learned along the way.

  • Episode 147: Monica Hilton

    Episode  |  September 3rd, 2020  |  50 mins 28 secs
    accountability, crossfit, entrepreneur, gym, gym owner, health and fitness, healthy lifestyle, wellness